Part Ⅰ Writing(30minutes)
Directions: For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write a short essay on the following question. You should write at least 120 words but no more than 180 words.
A classmate of yours who has influenced you most in college.(大学中对你影响最深的一位同学)
Without question, Lisa is the person who has influenced my college life most. She is my classmate, who always leaves a deep impression on you by demonstrating her passion for life and the spirit of never yielding, even in the face of extreme challenges. She is the most courageous person I have ever known。
During my college years, it is Lisa that kept teaching me how to live through setbacks in the life journey. I’ll never forget that when I failed in my English examination and I felt overwhelmed, Lisa taught me that failure teaches success, everyone had to persevere and face up to innumerable setbacks, as long as I face my problems bravely, I would create my own wonderful life . With her help , I finally gained the confidence and passed the exam。
Thanks to Lisa, I have learned the importance of courage, which is the indispensable characteristic in my life. She also let me know the importance of confidence. It means a lot to me and still in my head till this day。

Part Ⅱ Listening Comprehension(30minutes)
A) He was ordered to clear the apartment by his mother last time.
B) He has not cleared the apartment since his mother's visit.
C) He has cleared the apartment several times since his mother's visiting.
D) He asked his mother to clear the apartment last time.
A) They might as well catch the coming bus.
B) They will also miss the next bus.
C) They might as well take the next bus.
D) They hurry up to catch the coming bus.
A) She asked for a sick leave because of neck pain.
B) Mrs. Smith will take over her work for several days.
C) She has to do extra work for a few days.
D) Mrs. Smith was too busy to take over her work.
A) Change her job.
B) Sell her cafeteria.
C) Plant flowers.
D) Wash dishes.
A) He remembered to take the package to the post office.
B) He was told to have something wrong with his mind.
C) He is a deliver man working in the post office.
D) He failed to do what he promised to do.

Part Ⅲ Reading Comprehension (40minutes)
Section A
Questions 36 to 45 are based on the following passage.
For decades, Americans have taken for granted the United States’ position in the development of new technologies. The innovations (创新) resulted from research and development during World War II and afterwards were __36__ to the prosperity of the nation in the second half of the 20th century. Those innovations, upon which virtually all aspects of __37__ society now depend, were possible because the United States __38__ then the world in mathematics and science education. Today, however, despite increasing demand for workers with strong skills in mathematics and science, the __39__ of degrees awarded in science, math, and engineering are decreasing.
The decline in degree production in what are called the STEM disciplines (science, technology, engineering, and math) seems to be __40__ related to the comparatively weak performance by U.S. schoolchildren on international assessments of math and science. Many students entering college have weak skills in mathematics. According to the 2005 report of the Business-Higher Education Forum, 22 percent of college freshmen must take remedial (补习的) math __41__. and less than half of the students who plan to major in science or engineering __42__ complete a major in those fields.
The result has been a decrease in the number of American college graduates who have the skills, __43__ in mathematics, to power a workforce that can keep the country at the forefront (前沿) of innovation and maintain its standard of living. With the __44__ performance of American students in math and science has come increased competition from students from other countries that have strongly supported education in these areas. Many more students earn __45__ in the STEM disciplines in developing countries, especially China, than in the United States.


Part IV Translation (30minutes)
大熊猫 (giant panda) 是一种温顺的动物,长着独特的黑白皮毛。因其数量极少,大熊猫已被列为濒危物种。大熊猫对于世界自然基金会(WWF)有着特殊意义。自1961年该基金会成立以来,大熊猫就一直是它的徽标。大熊猫是熊科中最稀有的成员,主要生活在中国西南部的森林里。目前,世界上大约有1000只大熊猫。cet4v.com物正面临许多威胁。因此,确保大熊猫的生存比以往更重要。


1. 女士问男士最近一次是什么时候为公寓除尘的,应该是嫌男士家里不干净,结果男士的回答却是那得看我妈上次是什么时候来的。言外之意就是其实都是他妈妈帮他搞卫生。对应答案B. He has not cleared the apartment since his mother’s visit.
2. 女士在催男士赶快跑,马上公交车来了。男士却说不用跑,下一班2、3分钟之后就到。言外之意是可以赶下一班车。对应答案C. They might as well take the next bus.
3. Up to one’s neck就是某人手头要做的事实在太多,多得没法应付。这句没听懂也不影响做题,因为后面男人又问“how come you’ve been so busy?” (你最近怎么会这么忙?)女人回答史密斯夫人请病假了, 所以她要代理一些工作。由此可得知,女人最佳不得不做一些额外的工作。对应答案C. She has to do extra work for a few days.
4. 女士说每天在咖啡馆洗盘子很无聊,男士让她和他一起去送花。也就是让她换工作。对应答案A change her job.
5. “Oh, no, it must have slipped my mind.”slip one’s mind指的是:忘记了。男人忘记了自己的诺言。对应答案D. He failed to do what he promised to do.
6. 男人对女人说,你不喜欢这部电影我一点也不惊讶。我自己也觉得很吓人。 女人说,确实。通常来说她都不喜欢恐怖电影。对应答案B. The woman does not like horror films.
本题可能的干扰内容是对as a rule的理解,as a rule 相当于in general: 通常来说。
7. 男人说就他个人经验来说爱可以是甜蜜的,但也会带来伤害。女人说着话让她想到一句谚语,蜂蜜虽甜蜜,但是蜜蜂却会扎人。由此可见,他们对爱的看法是一致的。对应答案C. The speakers share a common view on love.
8. 男人问女人要为论坛再准备几把椅子,6把还是7把。女人说,把所有能找到的椅子都带上。 由此可见,他们是在为一次论坛的召开做准备工作。对应答案A .Preparations for a forum.

Conversation One
9. 考查细节。在对话中,女方说“There’s certainly much less discrimination in Scandinavia, and maybe in America, too. ” 虽然Scandinavia这个词考生可能不认识,但根据发音理应能够识别。对应答案B. Scandinavia.
10. 考查细节。直接在对话中有所展示,“I’m sure more women will go out to work in the next 20 years.” 对应答案D. More women will work outside the family.
11. 考查细节。略有难度,在对话刚刚提到women’s liberation movement并未提到本题的答案,考生若不熟悉“liberation movement”可能会慌,但随后便会听到第三题的答案。对应答案D. Spend more time changing women’s attitudes.
Conversation Two
12. 推理判断。从开头能听出场景,两人是在用商务午餐。对应答案A. In a restaurant.
13. 考查细节。对话中Paul说“my father-in-law, who is also the managing director of Jayal Motors,”故得知。对应答案C. He is the Managing Director of Jayal Motors.
14. 考查细节。很明显,key thing也就是important,对话中说“Now the key thing in the whole operation is to get a good import agent,”故得知。对应答案B. To get a good import agent.
15. 考查细节。对话最后Shirley说,“I must say I admire your determination.故得知. 对应答案D. His determination.

Passage One
16. 本篇文章开头即指出 “they(scientists) are trying to explain how being half of the biological pair influences a twin’s identity.” 由此可知科学家一直试图想要解释双胞胎的身份人格是如何受到影响的。对应答案A. How being an identical twin influences one’s identify.
17. 关键词即是Jim 这个名字。关于两个Jim的情况是:他们一直生长在不同家庭,直到39岁才见面。”… grew up in different families and did not meet for 39 years.” 他们都结过两次婚,第二次婚姻中,妻子都叫贝蒂。”Both men were married twice… and their second wives were both named Betty.” 而他们的第一个孩子都是儿子”Both twins named their first sons James Allen.” 对应答案B. They grew up in different surroundings.
18. 通过对两个Jim的研究, “These twins help scientists understand the connection between environment and biology.” 对应答案A. They want to find out the relationship between environment and biology.
Passage Two
19. 文章开头就说到”Camping is still one of the cheapest ways of having a holiday.” 这里的“the cheapest way of having a holiday” 正好就和选项中的“inexpensive way of spending a holiday” 同义互换。对应答案D. It is an inexpensive way of spending a holiday.
20. 关键抓“the most popular tent ”。通过这个关键表述,我们可以知道最受欢迎的帐篷有这样的特色:“The most popular tent… is the frame tent with 2 bedrooms and sleeping accommodation for 4 people. There is usually an outer tent… and a lighter inner tent or tents.” 对应答案B. It consists of an inner and an outer tent.
21.关键抓“camping in one place;for more than a few days”。文章最后讲到“You can buy a kitchen extension for many tents… plan to stay camping in one place for more than a few days.” 原文重现。如果在同一地点要旅行多日,则需要一个额外的厨房部分。对应答案C. A kitchen extension.
Passage Three
22. 文章开篇提到”The country covers only 179 square miles.” 对应答案A. It covers 197 square meters.
23. 文章接着提到”Until the 1930s, travelers had difficulty in reaching the country.” 对应答案D. It was cut off from the rest of the world.
24. 文章接着提到 “When roads were built from France and Spain to Andorra in the 1930s, life picked up speed.” 对应答案C. The building of roads connecting it with neighboring countries.
25. 文章结尾提到”But most are now involved with the tourist trade.” 对应答案B. They work in the tourist industry.
26. familiar
27. put forward
28. caution
29. live
30. alternatives
31. ignore
32. participated
33. in need of
34. focus
35. judgments